Education & Disability

I am an English major at PSU, planning on becoming a high school English teacher for my career. Throughout my high school career, I experienced being a part of many classes with students that had learning disabilities. At least in my school, the staff did an excellent job making sure each student had personal accommodations, for example, if a student needed aid or an assistant to help them to help complete work or understand lessons. Education was easily accessible for every student no matter the needs.
As a future teacher, I hope to accomplish this for my students and make them feel comfortable. Not just with my relationship with the student but the student’s relationships with each other. This inspires me even more to become the best educator I can possibly reach, and make a change in the world of education.

When I was in 5th grade I had to go into school early for what we called “early morning math”, which basically meant I struggled hard with math compared to the rest of the classes. I do not know if I was considered having a learning disability, but there were other students that came in with me to get help on the same content. It made me feel lower than the other students and at the time, “less smart” than what I could be. But the teachers that I remember until this day, helped me so much and made me feel just as important as my peers. I was able to catch up on math and stay confident at the level that I was at during this time. I want to be able to help students this much, and for it to have an impact on their lives and learning path.

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