Frankenstein, What if Victor did not Die?

While reading Frankenstein, I wondered what the outcome of the story would be if Victor did not fall ill and die. Would Victor and his creation, the monster, ever reconcile? Maybe there is hope that they could make up for the monster and Victors sins. Or did what the monster do, and his killing spree, end all chances of friendship between him and Victor?

I think that Victor could never forgive the monster for killing his one true love. If Victor did not fall ill and die, I believe that he would have spent the rest of his life hunting the monster, with the hopes of killing him.

Eventually either Victor, the monster, or both, would end up dead. It’s only a matter of who would kill who first.

5 thoughts on “Frankenstein, What if Victor did not Die?

  1. This was a really good post and it brought a really intriguing question to the table. I never thought of Victor ever living I mostly just wandered how the story would be different if the monster ever died. Overall this was a really solid post and it definitely made me reflect on the story as a whole.

  2. I completely agree that either the Creature would kill Victor or it would be the other way around. They both hold (honestly pretty legit) grudges against each other and have so much rage as a result.

  3. I think its hard to guess the outcome of an alternate ending, Like truly what could have happened if Victor didn’t die, would he keep hunting the monster for the rest of his life or would he come to his senses and realize that he kind of got what he deserved. Of course judging by how Victor is characteristically we can only assume that he would never truly realize he was in the wrong and he would probably try to go after the monster for the rest of his life. I like how you were able to interpret what could have happened if in the end Victor didn’t end up dying.

  4. Hmm that’s a good question. I too wonder what would have of happened if Victor had not died. That is so true what you said. I agree with you that if Victor had not fell ill and died that one of them would wound up dead by murder. Whether that be Frankenstein or Victor.

  5. I feel that just due to Victor’s hubris he would continue hunting down the monster just to, much like creating him, prove that he is able to. Victor’s constant want to show himself off is proof that no matter what errors or mistakes he makes, he is willing to do anything to make himself look better than he actually is, that includes killing his creation, only to frame himself as the hero.

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