Hamlet, Ophelia and Mariana

I chose to talk about this because Hamlet by Shakespeare and the poem Mariana by Alfred Tennyson were my favorite texts that we have read. I feel as if I felt for the characters in each story. Both of these “stories” ended up in the same way, resulting in death. While I was reading both of these texts, I noticed that none of these characters really had any hope, to begin with. They were doomed from the start. Ophelia and Mariana were dismissed by their lovers and long for that feeling of love and security. Both characters represent feelings of madness, hopelessness, and deep sorrow. A huge similarity between Ophelia and Mariana that I noticed is the significance of the trees for their characters. In the last scene of Ophelia, she had climbed into a willow tree and soon “fell” to her death. Some believe that she actually drowned in the water below the tree, but others believe that she just gave up and killed herself, allowing herself to drown. On the other hand, In stanza 4 of Mariana, Mariana looks out of her window and notices a singular tree standing desolate and alone. This depressing sight triggers her into an even darker depression and is also a part of what leads to her suicide. Ophelia and Mariana both have lost their sense of morality and their sense of self or self-awareness. Was it ever there for these characters? They ultimately are characters of disaster. 

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  1. I like that you decided to acknowledge the tragedies we call Ophelia and Mariana’s reality. Ophelia was so lost in her delusion that when she fell into the river, she did not fight the water or try to be rid of her heavy corset.

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