Moana – Women Power Yeehaw!

I am a sucker for Disney movies and I am twenty years old. Do I have a problem or am I just childish? I would say it is my guilty pleasure but I am not guilty about it. I know most of the words from this whole movie and you better believe I have the soundtrack on my phone. I love that this is another Disney princess but this isn’t a story about her finding her prince charming but it is about her wanting to save her people and the land they live on. She doesn’t stop and wait for a man to show her the way to get help but she goes out and does it on her own. I think that stories like this are a great way to show young girls to be independent and that they can be anything they want to be. All the stories I grew up with are about prince charming saving the princess in the tower or the father choosing who the princess marries. The world is evolving and I am more than excited about it.

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