My thoughts on Jane Eyre

I wanted to reflect on my thoughts of this book, mainly because it was a hard read to get through. With the time given to us to finish the book, it was difficult for me to fully understand everything that was happening, so I watched the movie. the movie was pretty similar to the book overall, and it let me put real faces to the characters while I finished reading. The movie also let me develop more emotions towards the plot, and let me connect with the characters more than just reading. So my thoughts are mainly reflected off of the movie.

First off, I think this book was very good, as my mother told me it was going to be. Before this class, she always lectured me on reading it as it is one of her favorites. I think this is because Jane Eyre has a lot deeper meaning than we think it does, which is why watching the movie helped. The things women were forced to live through all because they were women throughout the book made me sad at times. Such as the women that were servants dedicated their life to that and just that, with no other outside force distracting them. Jane Eyre did get to go to school, but she eventually became a governess that did not have much power to withhold for a while. Meanwhile, Mr. Rochester got to live his life freely and he seemed ignorant about it. It made me feel happy that Jane stood up to him in her confident way since he had never experienced that before. This made me enjoy the book even more because I knew that Jane held more power than she thought she did.

Another reason why I enjoyed Jane Eyre was that she longed to find true love throughout the whole book, but also continued to search for her independence. Jane seemed to want to find a purpose within life, and want to discover more of what was out there, instead of feeling trapped. I think readers could relate to this, especially within today’s times with COVID-19, not everyone can see each other making one feel trapped on what they could be experiencing.

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