Reflection of “mrcollins” Project

While reading through this project, I saw that mrcollins did this project combining Frankenstein and Hamlet, in a poem form. It added a bit more of a creative kick to it because I think that poems are more difficult than people may think to complete. The topic is the mystery of life and death, and I like how it os a question that still can’t be answered in the world, it makes the topic more interesting. Many quotes were used as support throughout the poem, which I think added good supporting work. A line that stuck out to me is “Mystery of life and death, fear what we long to forget”. This line made me really think deeper into the true meaning of the poem and I think it concluded the poem well.

The end of the reflection was also something I wanted to reflect on. I think that as readers and as people naturally, we do chase the true origins of life and the mystery of death. But finding out what happens to us humans after death is unrealistic and unpredictable. It intrigued me that you said life remains a mystery, which can only mean death remains a mystery and where our own will take place. It confuses me thinking so deeply about this sort of topic sometimes since there is no answer that can solve our questioning, but we have to just let it be. Mixing the two stories into one project was creative, instead of just focusing on one we got to see multiple perspectives and examples. Overall the creation of this project caught my eye and made me want to write my own reflection about it, to make the author aware that their project is helping readers think deeper about the stories included.

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