Reflection on deadsnailstellnotales project!

the author deadsnailstellnotales made her second project about recreating Thornfield Hall into Minecraft form. I made my reflection on this project specifically because I had never seen it done before myself, and thought it was super creative to come up with! It was interesting to see what you come up with in the end, as I have seen the Jane Eyre movie myself, and the halls relate by them both being huge. The author explains the process of creating the hall, and what was done to it. I think it was interesting to read because personally, I know nothing about Minecraft, but the end result was definitely cool to look at.

Before seeing the Jane Eyre movie, I would have imagined my end result, Thornfield Hall, to look relatively the same. Dark, large, lifeless, except what’s around on the outside being flowers and grass. As we scroll down reading the post deeper, we see that the author brings quotes into the situation. For example, she gives Thornfield Hall another perspective view of flowers next to the hall and relates that view to a quote Mr. Rochester had said. I think having quotes next to these pictures helps readers with imagery, and to really imagine that hall while they continue reading. The author then goes on about why this project is important, and the answer is that it deepens the knowledge levels of the book and connects to the readers.

Overall, this project was a brilliant idea, and was a different but fun way to complete it! I am glad I got to go over and reflect on it for the author.

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