Shit, am I Ella Mason?

I think I am going to become like Ella Mason. An old woman with eleven animals but not cats. I refuse to have cats, they are always plotting and scheming. I simply would not give it a second thought if I saw or heard my neighbors talking about how I am completely bat shit crazy. Usually, other people do not tend to mess with insane people. Should I act delirious in my old age so no one lets their dog shit on my lawn? I think that is actually a great idea. Who needs human friends when you have eleven dogs or eleven snakes. I only have two as of now so I am getting there! Hopefully, by the age of 50, I will have thirty and then I will ACTUALLY be mad.

One thought on “Shit, am I Ella Mason?

  1. I think the crazy old lady trope with our culture is really interesting to follow throughout history. I see it everywhere from books to movies and cartoons. I recently watched Donnie Darko, which is a very crazy movie within itself and it too does have an old crazy lady in it that plays a substantial role in how the main character developed as a character, which I think is cool that she is given more credit than just being a crazy character that serves as a comedic relief or scary interaction.

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