Such a Disappointment

As a majority of the class has done a similar post on this, I felt inspired to do a post about the ending of Jane Eyre. This came out of nowhere and I was beyond frustrated. I absolutely hate the ending and I feel like it has some extra meaning behind it. jane in my opinion is really held down by her Christian beliefs and I think she had made the wrong decision. I wish they she went to India rather then, staying with Rochester. He is truly no good, and I think Jane just felt bad and made a safe decision by marrying him. I do not think that she loves Rochester at all and at the time of writing this I am filled with anger. This ending is part of the reason on why I do not think very highly of the book. However, I am always interested in hearing other people’s perspectives on this because maybe it could change how I perceive the ending. Personally, I think jane really messed up and I just simply cannot believe it. Although the ending detracts from the overall book for me, I cannot neglect the important themes of this book. I can also really appreciate how revolutionary it truly was.

One thought on “Such a Disappointment

  1. It was interesting to see your take on it, as I was secretly happy that Jane ended with Rochester. I think that he was no good for a while and really owes it to Jane, but we you can only read literature not change it. But cool thoughts and posts.

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