Reading Schedule: 17th Century Revised

Weeks 10-13

Week 10, Oct 26-28

Required: Milton, Book 1 [CN: damnation, suicidal ideation]

Recommended: Lady Mary Wroth, all.

Bonus: Cavendish‘s The Blazing World, 1-59 [CN: colonization]

Week 11, Nov 2-4

Required: Milton, Book 3 lines 1-134, Book 4 [CN: misogyny]

Recommended: Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress.” [CN: sexual coercion]; Cavendish‘s “It is Hard to Believe There Are Other Worlds in this World” and “Similizing the Brain to a Garden.”

Bonus: Cavendish’s The Blazing World, 60-160. [CN: colonization]

Week 12, Nov 9-11

Required: Milton, Book 9, Book 12 lines 466-649; [CN: misogyny]

Recommended: Wollstonecraft‘s Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Chap. II. “The Prevailing Opinion of a Sexual Character Discussed,” para. 1-8.

Bonus: Wednesday, November 11: No class!

Week 13, Nov 16-18

Monday – Wednesday, November 16-18: No synchronous class meetings! Instead, book and attend a one-on-one Teams Conferences and a small group Peer Review for our Third Projects.

Third Projects due by the end of the day on Sunday, November 23.

Finalized posts

All finalized posts are due by the end of the day on Monday, November 30.