Iago, not just a Parrot

My project: I chose the drama masks to represent Iago’s two-faced nature. The black and white were chosen because of the racial bias Iago shows in regards to Othello. The text is green because jealousy is often associated with green. Since the dawn of humanity, there has been a never-ending search for a reason for… Read more Iago, not just a Parrot

The “Eyes” have it

There is a cliche that always seems to pop up in media. ”Eyes are the window to the soul.” It makes sense, eyes are often more expressive than facial features. This holds true to the eye imagery in Jane Eyre. The first passage that really shows how important eyes are is when Jane is describing… Read more The “Eyes” have it

Thornfield Hall

I’ve taken the time to try to accurately recreate Thornfield Hall in Minecraft. Having the description read to me from the book, I felt transported to the location (though that may have been part of being in quarantine at the time), and I started to draw it as I saw Thornfield in my mind. At… Read more Thornfield Hall

Avid, for Ava

As my project, I attempted to queer themes found in Astrophil and Stella, and instead rediscovered my hatred for creating poetry! It was an adventure, to say the least. Below, there are two poems I wrote after pulling apart the common themes between Nic’s selection of Sidney’s poetry, followed by a discussion of how that… Read more Avid, for Ava


https://create.kahoot.it/share/the-faerie-queene/da295395-2d6f-48 b7-a367-281e19ed006f For my Second Project in this class, I chose to make a Kahoot for my classmates to play. Kahoot is a fun trivia game that I have used for a handful of projects, and have participated in during different classes multiple times before. It is a great tool that I was introduced to… Read more Kahoot!