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Paradise Lost:


While looking through the unessays others created for their second project, I really liked the format used to create a Kahoot about Faerie Queene. For a fourth and final project, I decided that I wanted to create similar games, focusing on a text from each of the time periods we read (Medieval, 16th Century, and 17th Century). The texts I focused on were Beowulf, Othello, and Paradise Lost. I chose these ones as I believe I am more likely to teach these in my future profession, with the hope that I can utilize these games in my own classroom. 

I created these games with the vision that they would be used to review a text, either in place of a summative assessment or as a way to prepare for a test or quiz. Each game focuses on questions about characters, themes, symbols, events, etc., that are important to understanding the piece of literature. I envision that many questions would lead to further discussion and analysis about the literature, furthering student understanding. I think that games like this are a great learning tool, as students are challenged, all while having fun. Games encourage more discussion of the literature, as well as a way to show knowledge in a low-risk way. Students feel safe and encouraged as they learn. These games can be played individually or in teams, creating different levels of collaboration and discussion.

The various questions I chose are important to understanding the literature and context of the literature. For example, one of the true or false questions in the Beowulf Kahoot states the following: “It is suggested through the characters, events, and actions that a good, brave life is worth living at any cost”. This question is important as it focused on a key theme in the epic, a theme that must be understood in order to effectively further discussion about Beowulf. In the Othello Kahoot, one of the first questions is: “What is Othello’s first gift to Desdemona, symbolizing their love and fidelity?”. The answer to this question is the handkerchief. This is an important question as the handkerchief is instrumental in Iago’s manipulation, marking it as a key symbol in the play. Another true or false question in the Paradise Lost Kahoot is: “Milton believed he was guided by the Holy Spirit as he wrote”, with true being the correct answer. This is a key question in regards to understanding Milton and his ambitions with Paradise Lost.

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