A Time Long Forgotten

Dylan Silcox

With thought, it’s hard to remember

The times that we want.

Back when things were right

And the only wrongs

Were the ones that

We made ourselves.

It’s taken some time

To regain what it’s like

To hold onto what we love,

To feel the hold of what we know.

The faded memory of all of the lost 


Souvenirs of moments that brought us joy

All behind.

What can be ahead

If these seconds have already come



So far away.

Spending each moment 

Pretending it was the last

Never thinking of the ravines

That have yet to pass.

But what could be a front

Is it our place to

Figure out


The story will end

Or do we wait

And let it finish –


Hamlet is someone who is very open with their emotions, specifically when speaking with the audience. Poetry is one of my favorite ways to express my emotions with others. I feel that the taboo around men showing emotion is one of the worst things that we can do to people. Mental health is such an important thing that’s not heavily discussed, especially when discussing it in the context of the time period that this play was written. Having Hamlet outwardly express his feelings was such an unusual occurrence, and his want to talk about it inspired me to write my own poem about my mental health. While I did exaggerate things for the sake of the poem, It’s still important to discuss all of these things no matter what the context is.

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