Literary Past And Its Effect On The Present

In addition to this class, I’m currently taking another called Studies in English and we’ve been learning about the basics of looking critically at texts and the messages and meanings accounted with them. There is a certain dynamic of that class that I think goes hand in hand with this one, and that is that perceived meanings of texts and the analysis of said texts is fluid in nature and can change over time. This not only accounts for the study of the text but for the authority that the text holds within the literary canon, a collective group of knowledge and texts that are considered academically sound and significant literary works that hold valuable information to the english community as a whole. Why this is signifiant to take into consideration is that the very novels and short readings that we have read so far have been somewhat dated and their perceived meanings and underpinnings have most likely changed many times since their original publication, and so have their place in the canon. With most of these authors long since deceased, they cannot vouch for their work and what that work represents currently, but as society shifts and things come to light that require explanation, these works will be seen in a complete different way fro what we know them to be now.

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