Reflection on “bmb1502″s project!

the author bmb1502 did a project on Jane Eyre palm readings. I picked this project to reflect on because I am always interested to read the projects including palm readings as they are a creative choice. It also caught my eye because this writer decided to show how palm readings are read on the hand, such as the hand and heart lines. I was not aware of these before so it was nice to see a little background. I read into how each of the charcaters heart lines and hand lines would be, such as Jane’s heart line would be broken the writer says. The evidence given along with these claim is very supportive and accurate. It shows that the writer has a good understanding of the book, and the deeper meaning.

Overall this project has so much content to it you can tell this author out in a lot of work to make it appear the way it did, and I am super impressed. it is inspiring to see my other classmates be so into their projects, which makes me want to be more passionate about my own. There was a great amount of thought put into each palm reading and the project overall, great job!

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